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All Kings Assembly's (A.K.A) path has brought them to an evolutionary state where the music is the instrument by which they speak to people. "We're here, we're now!"

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 Born in 1998, from a sheer love of music. Vancouver based A.K.A has been driven to achieve no matter what the obstacles. Since the inception of the band, James Devins (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Charles Morin (Bass and vocals), and Alex Morin (drums), have risked it all the passion of the music. "It has been an interesting journey which has taught us the value of fans, friends and family." A.K.A's music reflects their attitude in life. Lyrically, the songs are thought provoking insights into the minds of A.K.A. Their sound is driven by powerful rhythms, dominant guitar chops, and dynamic vocals ranging from soft to insane whispers to insane intensity. In 2017 Keith Rathie (Lead Electric Guitar) joined us and we are creating again. Keep checking back for updates!

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